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Introduction to Developer Joy with Quarkus
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room B3
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Come to this session to get introduced to Quarkus and the Developer Joy that it brings. Learn the latest developments around Quarkus and the future of Cloud Native Java from members of the Quarkus team. Whether you are a current Quarkus user, a future one, a contributor or just a curious mind, come and join the revolution!

Dimitris Andreadis
Red Hat

Dimitris has 25 years of experience in IT and he is currently Director of Engineering at Red Hat in charge of the Cloud Native Runtimes group that includes Quarkus, Vert.x, SpringBoot, Node.js, as well as his former WildFly / JBoss Enterprise Application Server teams that he used to run for several years. He also served as the JBoss AS project lead and he has been a JBoss addict and contributor from the early start-up days. He worked previously at Intracom and Motorola in the areas of NMS/OSS, designing reusable frameworks and distributed systems. Dimitris studied computer science at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and received an M.Sc. by research from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Alexey Loubyansky
Red Hat

Alexey is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, a member of the Quarkus team focusing mainly on the Quarkus bootstrap mechanism, Quarkus platform and extension ecosystem management, and development tools. Before Quarkus, Alexey worked on the JBoss/WildFly AS contributing to a number of its subsystems including EJB, microcontainer, management architecture and tools, patching and provisioning mechanisms.

Georgios Andrianakis
Not provided