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UX designers /developers collaboration anti patterns
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The collaboration between UX designers and developers is always a leverage point to improve our process. A good collaboration saves time, and money, and improves the software quality and the team morale.

In this talk we analyze some of the most common anti-patterns to avoid, how to recognize them, and what to do instead.

During this session we will cover:

  • why the collaboration between UX designers and developers is crucial;
  • in which ways can UX design inform the development process;
  • what are the designers/developers' collaboration anti-pattern;
  • when should you involve developers in the design process and vice versa;
  • how to improve your collaboration process in general.
Antonio Dell'Ava
Flowing Srl

Antonio is a frontend developer who tirelessly tries out new technologies, seeking the best possible solutions. He was born in the Southern Alps and has a background as an interaction designer, although he has always loved to code. He defines interfaces and develops their behaviour, starting from a user-centred perspective. He is interested in agile methodologies and loves to participate to the community as a speaker or as event organizer @M.U.G. (Marca User Group). He is also a bikepacker and always ready for a ride.