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Lean Spring Boot Applications for The Cloud
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With the starters, Spring-Boot offers a functionality that allows you to set up a new software project with little effort and start programming right away. You don't have to worry about the dependencies, since the "right" ones are already preconfigured. But how can you, for example, optimize the start-up times and reduce the memory footprint and thus better prepare the application for the cloud?

In this talk, we will go into Spring-Boot features like "spring-context-indexer", classpath exclusions, lazy spring beans, actuator, JMX. In addition, we also look at switching to a different JVM and other tools.

Let's make Spring Boot great again!

Patrick Baumgartner

Patrick is a passionate Software Crafter, trainer and coach for 42talents. His calling is to improve the working environment in IT. He believes that this work is not just about code but about people.

Also, he is actively involved in the software community by organizing events and promoting topics such as Agile Software Development, Software Craft and Testing, graph and NoSQL databases as well as anything evolving around Java EE and Spring.