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Connascence: beyond Coupling and cohesion
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room B1
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In 2009 Jim Weirich defined Connascence as "The Grand Unified Theory Of Software Development". The concept it is simple, yet very powerful in context of Object Oriented software development. It generalizes the ideas of Cohesion and Coupling, combining them in a more exhaustive classification under three axis, using a proper taxonomy. In this talk I will try to explain you the different kinds of Connascence using code and real life examples.

Marco Consolaro
Alcor Academy

Software craftsman, technical coach, international speaker, systems thinker, symmathecist, philosopher - all mixed with some Venetian humor. Co-author of the award-winning book "Agile Technical Practices Distilled - A learning journey in technical practices and principles of software design". He self-learned Basic on a Commodore when he was 9 and his passion for programming has never faded since. For more than 20 years he has been working between Italy and UK, embracing ideas from Lean, Agile, eXtreme Programming, Domain-Driven Design, and Systems Thinking. He co-founded Alcor Academy to help technical leaders to create a culture of engineering excellence with their innovative socio-technical training.