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Decision-making for Software Development Teams
Keynote (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room B1 + B2
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“What technology I should use for this project?”, “It’s the right time to do that refactor?”, “Should I use TDD?”, “It’s this the right pattern for the problem?” These questions have one important thing in common. They are all decisions that you take every single day. Nobody tells you, but you are a decision-maker. During the talk, we are going to explore decision-making tools and techniques and apply them to your professional life.

Francesco Strazzullo

I’m a Head of Development @ Flowing. I’m also a speaker at tech conferences and meetups. I’m the author of “Frameworkless Front-end Development” and “Decision-making for Software Development Teams”. In my free time, I like to relax by playing with my Playstation or cooking some strange ethnic dish for my wife.