Voxxed Thessaloniki 2018

Voxxed Thessaloniki third edition will take place on November 19th-20th,2018. Last year we had the chance to welcome more than 500 people from 20 different countries. This year we are aiming higher and we hope to bring Voxxed Thessaloniki one step closer to the Devoxx look and feel.

With 4 keynotes, 25+ speakers, 500+ expected attendees, 2 days and 2 parallel tracks each on different topics including languages and frameworks, big data and cloud, future and AI, modern mobile and web development, craftsmanship and methodologies attendees can satisfy their curiosity and learn new skills while enjoying and having fun!

If you are curious about what happened last year you can watch our 2′ clip or browse our photo albums

  • 20 +


  • 500 +


  • 4


  • 25 +


Languages and Frameworks

Anything related to programming languages running on or out the JVM, tools, libraries and best practices

Software Crafts(wo)manship / Methodologies

Software development methodologies, quality tools, best practices

Cloud & Data

Cloud computing, PaaS, SaaS, Big Data & NoSQL, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

The Future / Internet of Things

Developing for embedded devices, the internet of things, arduino, raspberry pi, quadcopters, virtual reality, robotics and related

Modern Web/Mobile Development

Web & Mobile frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, libraries & tools to build web & mobile apps, understanding UX

Where Voxxed Thessaloniki 2018 is held?

Voxxed Thessaloniki 2018 will take place at “Ioannis Vellidis Congress Center”

Is there a Call for Papers

Our call for papers  is now closed

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes. we will record all conference sessions – not workshops – and we will upload them on our youtube channel after the event

Is VAT charged / included on ticket price?

Yes, the standard Greece VAT charge of 24% is applicable for all attendees, regardless of their location.

What type of sessions are there?

There are two types of sessions
– 45′ standard conference sessions held in 2 rooms in parallel
– 15′ quickie sessions held mostly during lunch and breaks

Do you have a CoC (code of conduct)

Yes, there is a Code of Conduct in place which we expect everybody attending and involved in the event to adhere to. You can view it HERE.

Keynote Speakers

Jen Looper

Jen Looper is a Google Developer Expert and a Senior Developer Advocate at Progress with over 15 years’ experience as a web and mobile developer, specializing in creating cross-platform mobile apps. She’s a multilingual multiculturalist with a passion for hardware hacking, mobile apps, machine learning and discovering new things every day. Visit her online at http://www.jenlooper.com, or via Twitter @jenlooper.

Sandro Mancuso

Software craftsman, author, and founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC). Sandro has been coding since a very young age but only started his professional career in 1996. He has worked for startups, software houses, product companies, international consultancy companies, and investment banks.

During his career Sandro had the opportunity to work in a good variety of projects, with different languages, technologies, and across many different industries. Sandro has a lot of experience in bringing the Software Craftsmanship ideology and Extreme Programming practices to organisations of all sizes. Sandro is internationally renowned by his work on evolving and spreading Software Craftsmanship and is frequently invited to speak in many conferences around the world. His professional aspiration is to raise the bar of the software industry by helping developers become better at and care more about their craft.

Christina Aldan

Christina Aldan is a TEDx speaker, trainer, and digital advertising consultant whose boutique agency, LG Designs, offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. With over 12 years of experience in the digital advertising realm, Christina is highly regarded for her approach to business, partnering with clients to find unique strategies that ensure their advertising goals are met. Christina builds connections through her keynote addresses, training workshops, and technological education. She uses these tools to help individuals and businesses cultivate value in everyday media. She has presented trainings for the Microsoft MVP community and tech conferences worldwide. She is the co-founder for The FierceWomen Project. She served as Chief Marketing Officer for PrayerSpark and as Marketing Coordinator for Starmark1. Christina uses her charisma and expertise to inspire others by mentoring women in business like herself. She also has sat on state and local boards supporting women in tech, entrepreneurship, and children with learning disabilities.

She is the recipient of the Las Vegas Women in Tech Community Service Award and the Distinguished Woman of the Year Award in STEM. Learn more at: ChristinaAldan.com.

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith lives in Brighton, England where he makes websites with the splendid design agency Clearleft. You may know him from such books as DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax, HTML5 For Web Designers, Resilient Web Design, and, most recently, Going Offline.

Our awesome speakers

Jen Looper

Jen Looper

Google Developer Expert


Sandro Mancuso

Software craftsman, author, and founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC).


Christina Aldan

TEDx Speaker and Entrepreninja


Jeremy Keith

Makes websites


Roxana Nasoi

Entrepreneur. Community Leader. COO @ Aimedis


Jon Pretty

Scala Center Advisory Board chair


Rebecca Hill

Software Engineer @ WeTransfer


Stéphanie Walter

UX / UI Designer and a mobile expert

Simona Coton

Simona Cotin

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft


Theodoros Moulos

CEO @ GrowthRocks

Asim Hussain

Senior Developer Advocate @ Microsoft


Rafał Leszko

Software engineer @ Hazelcast


Katerina Skroumpelou

Google Developer Expert in Angular


Thomas Kaliakos

Software Engineer @ Ovo Energy


Nikos Katirtzis

Software Engineer @ Hotels.com


Nicolas Frankel

Software Architect


Yorgos Saslis

Software Engineer @ RedHat


Evelyn van Kelle

Content lead @ Software Improvement Group


Yannis Kanellopoulos

Practice Leader @ Software Improvement Group


Pascal Naber

Microsoft Azure MVP ✔ Coding Azure Architect


Miro Cupak

VP of Engineering @ DNAstack


Viv Richards

Senior Test Engineer @Vizolution

Heinz Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz

Java Champion


Georgios Andrianakis

Software Engineer @ RedHat

Apollonas Oikonompoulos

Apollonas Oikonomopoulos

Director of Engineering @ Skroutz


Stratos Pavlakis

VP of Engineering @ Blueground

Michalis Chrisostomidis

Michalis Chrysostomidis

Software Architect @ Stoiximan


Ioannis Mousmoutis

Software Engineer @ European Dynamics S.A


The world’s most successful designers come to share their personal experience and pragmatic insights on how put theory into action. Find out, how good design is born and what is its power. Now, you have the unique opportunity to explore the process and ideas, that really work.

Student / Unemployed
Tickets at half-price for student or unemployed

  • Only 30 tickets available 
  • No refund
  • Access to both days of the main event (19th and 20th of November, 2018)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on both days

Our 2-days standard ticket when all speakers have been announced

  • Valid until sold out or November 12th
  • No refund
  • Access to both days of the main event (19th and 20th of November, 2018)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on both days
  • Check out our one-day passes or group, female and student discounts!

Discount tickets
Discover discounts for group orders or female attendees
From 105

  • Valid until sold out or November 12th
  • No refund
  • Access to both days of the main event (19th and 20th of November, 2018)
  • Sponsors Gift Bag
  • Coffee, snacks and light lunch on both days
  • Check out our one-day passes or group, female and student discounts!

Our Sponsors

Voxxed Days Thessaloniki is supported by easily recognizable companies and products which we use everyday. We will share with you in a few days our new sponsoring opportunities document. In the meanwhile have a look at last year’s sponsors

Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

European Dynamics

Silver Sponsors

Trasys International
Advantage FSE

Coffee Sponsor


After Party Sponsors


Wifi Provider


Workshops Hosts

City College

Startup Corner

Cyber Phallanx


Ministry of Testing
Thessaloniki QA Meetup
Association of European Journalists

Media Partners


Supporting Communities



Voxxed Thessaloniki 2018 will take place on November 19th and 20th @ ``Ioannis Vellidis`` Congress Center in Thessaloniki, Greece

VENUE:``Ioannis Vellidis Congress Center`` spaces can be modified and adapted so as to respond fully to the needs and requirements of any event. Its six fully equipped halls can host up to 2,100 people and are best suited for conferences and high profile international events, while they can also be used for a variety of other events.
Address: Leof. Stratou 3, Thessaloniki 546 39

Food and Drink
Food and drink are included in the ticket price for Voxxed Thessaloniki attendees.

Do you plan to join Voxxed Thessaloniki with your friends or colleagues? We offer great discounts to group orders up to 30% off standard ticket price.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback:

Patroklos Papapetrou

Our Team


Mark Hazell

Co-Founder @ Voxxed

Mark is working to promote greater knowledge sharing for developers of Java and associated technologies. Voxxed.com is publishing news, features and tutorials, linked to rich media presentations, interviews and training courses.

He also gets to work with a heap of great activists and community leaders in brining this to locations around the world through Voxxed Days – local events run by local people that help developers learn and be inspired.

Stephan Janssen

Co-Founder @ Voxxed

Stephan Janssen is a serial entrepreneur that has founded several successful organisations such as the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG), JCS Int., JavaPolis/Devoxx, Parleys.com, Devoxx4Kids and co-founded Voxxed.com

He has been using Java since its early releases in 1995 with experience of developing and implementing real world Java solutions in the finance and manufacturing industries.


Patroklos Papapetrou

Organizer – Program Committee

Software Gardener, Clean code evangelist, and Java local community leader. The main organizer of both Voxxed Thessaloniki and Voxxed Athens since 2016.

Dedicated to stopping Greece’s brain drain!


Giorgos Gaganis

Program Committee

Giorgos is programming as long as he can remember and has 10+ years in professional enterprise software development. He is a Java Concurrency aficionado and an aspiring OSS contributor in the Java Ecosystem.


Stratos Kourtzanidis

Program Committee

Stratos is a Microsoft MVP, Software Engineer, a .NET enthusiast, organizer of Thessaloniki .NET meetup and a follower of the Software Craftsmanship movement


Leonidas Papadopoulos

Program Committee

Leonidas is a Software Engineer and the initiator of several projects concerning Wireless Community Networks in Greece. Best known for his innovative ideas always enjoys taking part in projects involving contemporary technologies.


Marios Fakiolas

Program Committee

Frontend Developer, creator of angularjs-recipes.com and organizer of AngularJS Athens meetup 


Stavros Doropoulos

Program Committee

Stavros is a Software Engineer with a strong passion for creating products using Machine Learning research, organizer of Thessaloniki Machine Learning meetup and currently CIO at DataScouting.


Konstantinos Ziazios

Program Committee

Konstantinos is a Software Developer, co-organizer of the Thessaloniki .NET meetup, passionate about code quality, technology, maths and the Cosmos. He is an avid participant in local communities and enjoys the open source movement.


Christos Loverdos

Program Committee

Christos loves making useful software and working with great people. He’s been an engineer, architect, manager, leader. He occasionally speaks at conferences, publishes papers, and co-authored the book “Steps in Scala”.


Charalampos Karipidis

Program Committee

Babis is a cloud architect with strong knowledge of Microsoft technology stack. He enjoys participating in local meetups and maintain his own open source project.

Welcome to beast times of archive’s from past Voxxed Athens and Voxxed Thessaloniki events.

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