Voxxed Thessaloniki Workshops

Voxxed Thessaloniki Workshops

Maximize your visit to Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2017 by attending one of the several FREE software development workshops we offer. They will take place on the Thursday 23rd of November, one day before the main conference day

These intensives half-day or full-day workshops are offered by thought leaders in their fields of expertise and they know of what they speak! Pack your turbocharged learning receptors and get ready to drink in the knowledge.

All workshops are free to attend. However, to confirm your seat and to avoid no-shows you need to register and get a 15EUR value ticket. This amount will be completely reimbursed after the end of the workshop. In case of no-show, the amount will not be returned

A Complete IoT Workshop

Half-day workshop

Time to learn some full spectrum IoT solution development!IoT projects often contain four design elements: the material, the electronics, the software, and the cloud. In this workshop we’ll hit all four!

CI Pipeline with Jenkins Blue Ocean and Cloud Technologies

Full-day workshop

Learn to control the cloud in your Jenkins delivery pipeline. Throughout this course, you will learn to develop fast, simple and stable solutions to manage …

How to integrate RxJS into React?

Half-day workshop

This workshop is about the integration of RxJS library inside React and creating beasts that can handle any time of the async request and easily communicate with any 3rd party API or other side effects.

Application Development On OpenShift – 101

Half-day workshop

In this half day workshop, we get hands on with OpenShift and cover the following topics. First, we learn how OpenShift works on a basic level. Next…

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