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It’s a small world after all

How thinking small is changing software development big time

The world is changing fast. More precisely, the world is changing at increasing speed. This means things that were not possibly five …


One Hundred Languages

Computers surround us in our daily lives, but the most powerful ideas of computing go beyond the sleek silver containers and glowing boxes…


JavaScript and the Rise of New Virtual Machine

One day we woke up and things were different. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powering swarms of cloud containers talking to browsers running apps originally written in …


The Secret Sauce of Successful Teams

Every software team writes code, but some teams produce fewer bugs than others. Every software team creates new features, but some teams develop features users love and others don’t…


Spring Boot & Kotlin - A match made in heaven

Despite being very new, Spring Boot has seen a spectacular start as an amazing kickstarter for Spring-based application. You can now…

Stream Puzzlers – Traps and Pitfalls in Using Java 8 Streams

How well do you know the Stream-API in Java 8? Do you like brainteasers? Then you are invited to take a look at some code snippets involving stream operations. Can you figure out what they…


Hands on Microservices with OpenShift

In this presentation we are looking at a concrete micro service implementation, the Helloworld-MSA by Red Hat Developers. How does it work and where are the gotchas?


The Future of Making Stuff

Your guidebook for understanding IoT and the maker world – how things are made today, trends for tomorrow, and how you can get involved.


Building a global crowdsourced Internet of Things data network.

Building a global crowd sourced Internet of Things data network – What started in Amsterdam as a network of 10 LoRaWAN gateways is now a …


Get Immersed into a Holographic World with HoloLens

Holograms are no longer a sound of the distant future that we usually see in movies like Star Wars. They are already here! Microsoft has made them available with HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality. Provided development tools give…


Hardware Hacking for JavaScript Developers

Better with react than resistors? Understand single-page apps, but lost with a single-board computer? JavaScript is great, but sometimes you want to take your skills out into the real world.

In this talk we’ll connect …


Blockchain : implementing a use case for the airline industry

Why so many interest on permissioned blockchain? Which industries are impacted? What is new for 2017? You will have a short presentation on …


Machine Learning without the Hype

Machine learning is both a highly overloaded and hyped topic. This talk covers one specific area in this space — anomaly detection of time-series data. It sounds very narrow, but is widely applicable in IT security and operations.

Panayotis Tzinis

TensorFlow Open Source Machine Learning

In this session we will have a quick intro on TensorFlow and the ways it is used, after that we will focus on why 😉 to embed it on …

Dimitris Balaouras

AI and UX for Chatbots: A Practical Guide for Developers

The session will look into UX challenges in the emerging field of chatbots, focusing on understanding core concepts and their implementation with software components…

Paris Polyzos

Serverless Computing & the rise of nanoservices

“Serverless” is one of those buzzwords you hear these days, the new hot thing, but is it really? Useful for data transformation, cron processing, as well as event-driven, elastic-scale and …


Blue Ocean: Jenkins distilled & on Ice

Blue Ocean is not only a new re-designed GUI for Jenkins. Only a few have noticed what it stands for: It is an adequate view of the completely new…


Elegant Angular

One of the best reasons to use Angular.js for your web front-end projects is the sheer elegance of the code.

Not only does Angular take advantage of TypeScript for modern, strong-typed code and Rx.js for stream processing, but it also embraces…


Thinking Reactive in JavaScript

What is reactive programming? A lot of people have this question. Thinking in a reactive way is not that hard but it takes some time to understand all things and to change the way you look at development. In this talk, we should learn everything about …


CSS Houdini – from CSS Custom Properties to JavaScript Worklets and back

Today CSS Custom Properties are supported in all the major browsers. Now it’s time to do the next step- to have an ability to register new Custom Properties from JavaScript and setup the browser how to work with them (e.g. real CSS polyfills). They should work with…


Mobile Web Performance

Some of your users are on mobile browsers that may be more advanced than the desktop browsers of other users, but chances are those phones with their advanced browsers may have similar memory and bandwidth constraints to the computer you recycled 5 years ago…


Accessibility as Performance

By developing with web standards, you can create accessible, performant websites. Semantic markup helps ensure accessibility while reducing the need for frameworks…


Error handling made easy / Designing for error

The UX in your web app doesn’t only come down to looks and speed. Error handling is quite as important and in order to get it right, it has to be easy …


A Crystal Ball To Prioritize Technical Debt

The technical debt metaphor has taken the software world with storm. No wonder, since software projects have their fair share of challenges. Most organizations find it hard to…


SonarLint & SonarQube to spot bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities as fast as you code

During this presentation, Freddy will start by demonstrating the kind of tricky bugs that can be spotted while coding with help of SonarLint. Then, for …


Dealing with Information Overload - Personal Productivity for Techies

As developers, we are asked to absorb even more information than ever before. More APIs, more documentation, more patterns, more layers of abstraction. Now …


Failed and successful stories with Technical Debt

The concept of Technical Debt is always different when you ask a developer or a sponsor. Why is it that complicated to understand for the sponsors? why do developers struggle …

Alexandros Sarakenidis
Vasiliki Oikonomidou

Building an Angular.js app the "Angular" way: Lessons learned

Angular 2 (+) is great but currently, the world runs on “Angular.js”. There are too many applications out there which are actively developed and their developers would like to…


Transforming education in the new digital era

The digital revolution is transforming our work, our organisations and our routines. It is transforming the way children and young people play, access information, communicate with each other and learn…

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