Your Data Tell Stories

Your Data Tell Stories

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With Big Data becoming a buzzword already, it is time to rethink the way we are approaching data; data is more than just text and numbers, once combined together in a proper way, they can tell their own stories. In this interactive workshop, we will be talking about data visualisations, the thought process, the tools and the experiments on how your data can show their meaning all the way from cancer diagnosis and microelectronics to housing prices and even your zodiac sign!

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Learning Outcomes

  • Experience at first hand the thought process behind engaging data visualisations used in the industry and the academia
  • Learn how to think visually
  • Work in teams to brainstorm the use case of interest and how to tackle it
  • Create your own data visualisation by collecting the data of interest, process them for your needs, and depict them on your screen
  • Experiment with known javascript-based data-visualisation libraries, such as D3.js, highcharts.js, and Vega
  • Tell the story your data has to reveal in a fun and creative way

Target Audience


Date: Sunday, November 18th
Venue: City College, 3, Leontos Sofou Street, 546 26 Thessaloniki, Greece., 7th floor, L2
Duration: Half-day
Time: 13:30 – 17:00


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