Katerina Skroumpelou


Katerina is a software engineer, focused on the web front end and recently a Google Developer Expert in Angular. She likes to mix and match web technologies, experimenting with new APIs, and she open sources her code for the general good. Being an active member of the Angular family, she speaks at international conferences and co-organizes the Angular Athens meetup. She is also involved with supporting diversity in the community, speaking about it and helping the ngGirls whenever she can. She is indigenous to the internet, and she loves web development. So much that she does not understand the distinction between work and life sometimes. Or so her friends say. She lives with her Maine Coon in Athens, Greece.


Exploring the Lighthouse

45' Talk

In this session will explore the awesome Lighthouse tool and its cool features. We will start from bootstrapping a simple web application, and we will see how we can reach better scores in each of the five audits of Lighthouse, “PWA”, “Performance”, “Accessibility”, “Best Practices” and “SEO” in our web applications. We’ll finetune our web app, picking and adding code here and there to …

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