Improving your team’s source code searching capabilities

Improving your team’s source code searching capabilities

Have you ever asked yourself how crucial source code searching is for you and your company?

Based on a recent Google survey, the average developer performs more than 10 searches on a typical weekday. This, combined with the fact that most companies are moving from monoliths to microservices -and as a result an IDE can no more effectively locate source code as this spreads along several projects- has increased popularity of source code search engines.

As part of this presentation we’ll go through popular tools that could improve your team’s source code searching capabilities. From traditional and open-source source code search engines such as Hound or zoekt, to enterprise solutions like Searchcode Server and even to more intelligent tools like Sourcegraph, Codota, or that provide cross-reference and semantic search features.

Finally, we’ll present HApiDoc, a method-based code search engine we implemented at which builds on top of CLAMS in an attempt to cover the lack of proper documentation in the form of usage examples for your libraries’ APIs.

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