F*ck Distributed Systems… Build Distributed Companies!!

F*ck Distributed Systems... Build Distributed Companies!!

The Open Source revolution is upon us. In a world that is ever-more driven by software, Open Source already represents some of the world’s most used pieces of software.

More importantly, the Open Source movement showed us that not only is it possible to write software and share the source code with the world, but that in doing so, you are creating a new paradigm for collaboration, where anyone can contribute back to this work, from anywhere in the world.

Several OSS companies have already embraced this new reality and are now fully distributed, with workers sitting alongside their OSS contributors are: anywhere + online. As the competition for talent grows, remote working will extend beyond a mere trend. It is marking the start of a revolution that will see many expats finally able to move back home, bringing foreign currency into otherwise troubled economies, exchanging lucrative careers for better quality of life.

The tremendous growth we are seeing in telecoms is backing this transition into virtual workplaces. 30 years ago we didn’t even have mobile phones. Moore’s law states we are bound to see even bigger changes in the next 30. And we’ll still be working then btw…

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