A master class in Java in 2018

A master class in Java in 2018


Over 3 years after Java 8, thanks to Java’s new release schedule, we got 3 new Java releases within a year – Java 9, 10, and 11. This workshop is a deep dive into everything application developers need to know about making their code better with JDK 9-11.

This is a very hands-on session providing you with the opportunity to truly learn modern Java by solving a series of tasks covering many of its exciting features.

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Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to use JShell, Java’s Read-Eval-Print-Loop implementation, and use it to explore the most useful enhancements to existing Java APIs, including Collections, Stream, Optional, and CompletableFuture, as well as several new APIs, such as Reactive Streams, Stackwalker, ProcessHandle, HTTP/2 Client, JShell, and others. We’ll also get our hands on new language features, like the private interface methods, effectively final variables in try-with-resources, local variable type inference, local-variable syntax for lambda parameters, and more. We will talk about best practices and patterns for using these features in the context of modern applications with special emphasis on producing clean code.

Target Audience

Java developers of all levels and seniority with a Laptop with JDK 11 installed.


Date: Sunday, November 18th
Venue: City College, 3, Leontos Sofou Street, 546 26 Thessaloniki, Greece., 7th floor, Conference Room
Duration: Full-day
Time: 9:30 – 17:00

150 EUR + VAT

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