Voxxed Thessaloniki 2020 is postponed for October 15th-16th

Voxxed events should be a place of joy, socializing and fun and not a place where people are afraid of getting sick or even worse put in quarantine. 

Therefore and due to the growing uncertainty in Greece about coronavirus and recent government announcements about banning all events for one-month starting today, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone Voxxed Thessaloniki 2020 for October 15th and 16th. 

Your health and the health of your families is our number one priority. We do not want to risk any attendee, speaker, sponsor or staff member having to be placed in quarantine after the event. We take your health and safety extremely seriously and are shouldering additional costs due to cancellation in order to best protect your interests. Luckily we have a great network of partners who have already reduced the number of penalties we have to pay to a manageable level, and we are extremely grateful for this.

Once again we thank you for your understanding and support

About the author

Patroklos Papapetrou is a Java architect, addicted to software quality and an agile team leader with more than 15 years of experience in software development. He believes and invests in people and team spirit seeking quality excellence. He’s one of the authors of SonarQube in action book, he is an active SonarQube community member and plugin contributor. He treats software systems as flowers that’s why he prefers calling himself a software gardener.