Voxxed Days offer great ways for brands to support developer communities. If your brand wants to help develop talent and make the sector even more vibrant, you can do so at Voxxed Days. Each event has its own flavour, and the local organisers can offer you amazing options.

You could also support a group of upcoming Voxxed Days events with a series sponsorship.

Here are some options.

Voxxed Tee

T-Shirt Sponsorship

Drop your logo on the sleeve or the back of the official event T-Shirt and see it worn again and again. We see them adorning developers at events all over the world, who cherish them like musos do festival attire. This sponsorship keeps giving your brand massive visibility.



Lanyard & Badge Sponsorship

Get every attendee wearing your brand logo around their neck. This doesn’t just give amazing visibility at the event, but in just about every picture and video viewed after the event, you’re brand will likely be present.


Coffee Cup Giveaway

One thing developers love as much as clean code is great coffee. Get them to put it in a container you’ve lavishly pasted your brand on. You’ll get that everyday visibility with them and others in the office.



Notepad Sponsorship

You’re in a meeting and someone flips out a notepad they picked up from a Voxxed Days event. Good news! Your logo is on the front cover and on each page inside. It’s not just the notepad owner who’s going to see your brand time and again.

Devoxx Bag



Bag Sponsorship

Why? We all use bags all of the time. Put your logo on the official conference bag given to all attendees and see it used over and over, at work and further afield. Branded utility in real life!


Bag Insert

Sometimes you need to explain things in more than just a few words. Putting a piece of collateral in an attendee bag might not be the sexiest campaign you’ve ever run, but it sure can be effective. Offer promotions, link to online resources, give a product trial – it’s up to you. Just supply the physical materials and we’ll do the rest.


For more information on available package and sponsorship costs, contact Mark Hazell at mha@voxxed.com