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Spark ML Pipelines

Spark ML Pipelines Level: All Dan S is a data engineer who is passionate about large-scale distributed systems and streaming pipelines, and cares about producing clean, robust, well-tested Scala / Spark code. In this talk, I will present to you a uniform set of high-level APIs built on top of Spark DataFrames to help developers create…

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Dan S – Speaker interview

Dan S is s a data engineer who occasionally teaches advanced data engineering workshops using Spark as the big data framework. Q. You’re speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest in March. Tell us a bit about your session. This is the same 100% hands-on Spark workshop that I have been leading in one form or another…

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Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back-end

Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back-end DuyHai Doan is a Cassandra technical advocate. He spends his time between technical presentations/meetups on Cassandra, coding on open source projects to support the community and helping all companies using Cassandra to make their project successful. Previously he was working as a freelance Java/Cassandra consultant….

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