Eugene Dounar – Speaker interview

Eugene Dounar

Eugene Dounar is currently employed by Aurea as a Chief Docker Architect, doing ongoing development and support of a container platform based on Docker and Kubernetes. Coming from a server development background, he now does any Docker, Kubernetes or Linux related work needed to safely and reliably host thousands of containers. Eugene resides in Minsk, Belarus and working remotely through Crossover with team scattered all over the world.

Keynote: Dockerizing legacy apps

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?
My current job is about developing a container-based cloud platform, although I’ve started as a web developer. I’m lucky to have my job and hobby to be the same thing — creating software and everything related to this process.

Q: Why did you select this topic for your session at Voxxed Days Bucharest 2018?
We are pushing the limits on utilization and cost-reduction on our platform and learned a lot. Here we would like to share some of this knowledge

Q: Who should attend your session?
People using and creating container-based platforms

Q: What are the key things attendees will take away from your session?
Benefits and pitfalls of dense container deployment

Q: Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest, what are your other plans for this year?
None yet


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