Day: March 19, 2018

Eugene Dounar – Speaker interview

Eugene Dounar is currently employed by Aurea as a Chief Docker Architect, doing ongoing development and support of a container platform based on Docker and Kubernetes. Coming from a server development background, he now does any Docker, Kubernetes or Linux related work needed to safely and reliably host thousands of containers. Eugene resides in Minsk,…

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Blazej Kubiak – Speaker interview

Blazej Kubiak is enthusiast of all aspects of big data processing and all technologies that bring this enthusiasm from dream into reality. Blazej has been working in Tele Atlas and TomTom for eight years and has been involved in many challenging projects related to image and laser data processing. Blazej is one of the authors…

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Radu Enuca – Speaker interview

Radu Enuca has 15+ years’ experience in designing and developing software solutions for various domains (health, payments, e-government, banking etc.) using a wide range of technologies (Microsoft Azure, BizTalk Server, Google APIs, SAS, .NET, AngularJs, Angular, Polymer). During his career so far he wore different hats, from developer to architect, from trainer to team leader. He…

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