Robotic Process Automation – Ushering in the Age of the Digital Workforce

Keynote: Robotic Process Automation – Ushering in the Age of the Digital Workforce

Level: All

Christian Thome

Silviu Ciocoiu is currently helping drive business process efficiency as a RPA software engineer for Deutsche Bank. He started dabbling in process automation more than 5 years ago out of a dislike for performing simple repetitive tasks that could have been automated. At first, he worked on automating his day-to-day work with VBA, SQL and Sharepoint, then moving on to champion other bigger automation projects within the organization. Two years ago, while looking for a better way to automate processes, he stumbled upon RPA and its many promises. He quickly became an advocate of the transformative capabilities this technology has to offer.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has rapidly become a new hot topic. Physical robots that took over entire factory floors have been providing significant efficiency, quality and cost improvements since they started to become functional. Much in the same way, RPA virtual robots will reshape many businesses and professions, especially in the back office. We will take a look at how RPA came to be, what it can deliver and what it has delivered so far in Deutsche Bank, as well as where it’s heading. Last but not least, we will showcase several bots built with three different software currently on top of this fiercely competitive space.


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