Keynote: Dockerizing legacy apps

Keynote: Dockerizing legacy apps

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Sergei Pronin

Sergey Pronin is working for Aurea as SaaS Operations manager. He is leading the teams of highly technical engineers and architects, that are building and supporting internal docker platform for dozens of companies and products within Aurea. Last few years of his career are devoted to building PaaS or IaaS on various technological stacks on mixed environments – cloud and bare metal.



Eugene Dounar

Eugene Dounar is currently employed by Aurea as a Chief Docker Architect, doing ongoing development and support of a container platform based on Docker and Kubernetes. Coming from a server development background, he now does any Docker, Kubernetes or Linux related work needed to safely and reliably host thousands of containers. Eugene resides in Minsk, Belarus and working remotely through Crossover with team scattered all over the world.

Building PaaS on Amazon is something that might be considered as inventing the wheel. But what if your acquisition strategy is so aggressive, that you end up with dozens of different products running on different stacks and on hundreds of AWS accounts? And you continue growing with even higher pace? Central Docker platform is internally built PaaS for Aurea’s businesses that sets aggressive goals: high container density on biggest instances AWS can offer and at the same time decrease operational costs. We are going to tell you the story of our platform, what issues we face with running 600+ containers of different kinds on a single node and how kubernetes fits into all this.


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