Wifi Security, or Lack Thereof

Wifi Security, or Lack Thereof

Level: Intermediate

Rustam Mehmandarov
Rustam Mehmandarov – leader of JavaZone; Norwegian Java User Group – javaBin. A competency network coordinator for architecture and integration at work. One of the organizers of Arctic IoT Challenge. Course instructor. Speaker. Java Champion.

Your phone is snitching on you. And so does your laptop, tablet and any other WiFi enabled device you own. Without even touching your device, I can tell you where have you been. I don’t even need any fancy and expensive hardware to do that. Magic? No. Scary? Yes! It can easily be used to track you.

And this is just the beginning. We will look into why this is possible, and into other ways of stealing your private information. Many of these tricks can also be used to secure and pen test your applications.


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