Polymer – Lego for the Web

Polymer – Lego for the Web

Level: Intermediate

Radu Enuca
Radu Enuca has 15+ years’ experience in designing and developing software solutions for various domains (health, payments, e-government, banking etc.) using a wide range of technologies (Microsoft Azure, BizTalk Server, Google APIs, SAS, .NET, AngularJs, Angular, Polymer).

During his career so far he wore different hats, from developer to architect, from trainer to team leader. He is passionate about computer languages (trying to learn a new language each year) and web technologies. He enjoys coaching and mentoring and he is engaged with various teaching programs.

Web Components aims at changing the way web applications are built by extending the HTML vocabulary with custom and reusable HTML elements. One of the great advantages of Web Components is that they allow developers to build on other’s work instead of reinventing the wheel.

Join Radu in building a small app from scratch using Google’s Polymer library built on top of the web components standards and put to the test the expression “There is an element for that!”


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