How to mess up your Angular UI Components

How to mess up your Angular UI Components

Level: Intermediate

Cagatay Civici
Cagatay Civici is a Java Champion and a former member of JavaServer Faces Expert Group in JCP. As the founder of popular PrimeFaces, PrimeNG and PrimeReact UI component suites, he has been developing open source UI Components for over 10 years.

This talk covers how to create rich UI components with Angular following the best practices and avoiding the pitfalls. For each practice, a real-life example from PrimeNG will be used as a case-study such as change detection techniques, templating, integrating 3rd party libraries, styling, querying and effective dom handling. The session will end with comparing Angular, React, Vue, Web Components, jQuery and JSF from the point of a UI component developer who has been doing it for the past 10 years.


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