10KB or Bust: The Delicate Power of Webpack and Babel

10KB or Bust: The Delicate Power of Webpack and Babel

Level: Intermediate

Brian HoltBrian Holt is currently working as a staff user interface engineer at LinkedIn and he finds it strange that his employer sends him recruiter spam. Previously he was an engineer at Netflix and Reddit. When not working, Brian finds time to teach on Frontend Masters, run his mouth on Front End Happy Hour, travel all over the world, and play with his adorable dog. Brian is currently a resident of San Francisco, CA.

Your app is bigger and slower than it needs to be. Without rewriting app code we can squeeze more performance out of your code by tweaking Webpack and Babel. These tools are immensely powerful but it’s a delicate dance to get them to play nice. This talk is full of tips and tricks to get you there.

After three years of tooling around with Webpack and Babel at Netflix, LinkedIn, and Reddit Brian got some battle-won knowledge that he’d like to share with you all. Some non-intuitive tricks that lead to smaller bundles, faster parse times, browser-engine opts and de-opts, and faster perceived load times. While these examples will use react to make examples this apply to any application that uses these two phenomenal tools. You’ll be surprised at what you can do just turning a few knobs.


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