Building Serverless Applications with Apache OpenWhisk

Workshop: Building Serverless Applications with Apache OpenWhisk

Level: All

James Thomas

James Thomas is a “Developer Advocate” for IBM Cloud, helping developers build scalable applications on IBM’s cloud platform. Having accepted a summer-long internship with IBM as “something to do” before starting his post-graduate degree, James is still here eight years later. Managing to find his way into the “Emerging Technologies” division, James has been able to work on everything from the largest retail banking site in Europe, been a leading open-source developer for a JavaScript toolkit before working on the first commercial system for IBM Watson as the UI Technical Lead.


Hans Boef

Hans Boef is a developer advocate, focused on Cloud in general and IoT and AI specifically. His daily job is to help developers from start-ups to large organizations to help them build their applications as efficient as possible. He gives workshops and presentations on many events around the globe and he also mentors at hackathons.



Serverless cloud platforms are revolutionising cloud development. Developers don’t have to worry managing VMs or containers, capacity planning for elastic scaling, underutilising provisioned resources or any other productivity draining tasks. So, have heard all the benefits of serverless cloud platforms, how do you start to use them? This workshop will get developers started with building serverless applications. Starting with introducing the core concepts, developers will then learn how to use Apache OpenWhisk, an open-source serverless platform. Building skills by developing a series of more advanced serverless applications, developers will learn the architecture patterns to help them utilise the new revolution in cloud platforms. We’ll also look at the challenges in using serverless platforms and provide workarounds for issues such as timeout limits and cold starts. This workshop is aimed at developers who are familiar with traditional backend applications and want to use new serverless cloud platforms.



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