What Every Programmer has to know about Artificial Intelligence

What Every Programmer has to know about Artificial Intelligence

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Bill Metangmo

 Bill Metangmo is currently Big Data engineer at Bull (lead High Perfomance Computing in Europe) where I worked on designing & implementing a Deep Learning Self Service Platform on top of on-premise & Cloud infrstracture (Amazon Web Services). He thinks that his presentation could be useful for attendees because they will also be about basic AI concepts, development practices & recommended architectures.

He was a speaker at Google DevFest Toulouse in September 2017 with the keynote about “How Physics could help achieving efficiency in Big Data projects ?”. You can view his slides : slideshare.net/BILLMETANGMOTSOBZE/how-big-data-could-benefit-from-physics-ddd & video recording: youtube.com/watch?v=0lLf51o4a_o

He also likes to write articles about what he learned on his blog: chatbotslife.com/review-from-a-dev-conference-big-data-machine-learning-ios-android-elastic-chatbots-bc1a1040d45f .

GPU is never far away within AI discussions, with the same explanation:” These jobs are resource-intensive applications, you can only run them on GPU”. Indeed, it is true. But why? If you want answers to this question and others “myths” dissection about AI , so this presentation is made for you.

We are currently experiencing a great moment in computer history: the transition of digital uses from descriptive (web interface, business intelligence…) to prescriptive (chatbots, voice assistant, Recommendation…). This upheaval is brought about by the revival of Artificial Intelligence techniques (machine learning/deep learning) made possible by the explosion of Artificial Intelligence data. As a result, the development profession will also undergo real changes over the next few years in order to meet new market needs. It is therefore interesting to take an interest in these issues today so as not to be caught short in the near future. This information will help you to navigate the world of Artificial Intelligence concepts, engines, and architectures to allow you demistify all the “myths” around it.



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