Run your own IoT device in a snap

Run your own IoT device in a snap

Laurent Picard is passionate about software, hardware, science and anything shaping the future. Over 20+ years, he has delivered educational solutions, pioneered the ebook industry, co-founded Bookeen, developed generations of e-reading devices and launched a highly-available ebook ecosystem. Laurent is now developer advocate at Google and enjoys inspiring developers with cloud technologies.

Based on an inexpensive board (Raspberry Pi), a couple of sensors, a few lines of code and cloud services, this live demo will show you how easy it is to build your own monitoring device, drive it from anywhere, and more… After this session, you’ll be ready to do it yourself.

In a previous life, I have shipped generations of devices driven by an infrastructure built from scratch and developed over several years. It has been a long and laborious process. With this presentation, my goal is to inspire developers by showing how easy it now is to build an IoT device with existing technologies, using on-the-shelf inexpensive material and drive it in serverless mode.


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