A cloud application journey with Helm and Kubernetes

A cloud application journey with Helm and Kubernetes

Ana-Maria Mihălceanu is a custom application development enthusiast, Trailhead Ranger and a constant adopter of challenging development scenarios; some of her experiments are available on Dzone. In 2016, her technical passion for cloud application development has been badged with IBM Certified Application Developer – Cloud Platform v1; and she would like to share with the audience her experience and experiments. Her other passions? The usual knowledge hunt through reading and growing fashion skills through shopping.

Change is inevitable, but performance is optional. How to make your application evolution resilient, while speeding up your deployment? The answer is containerization and I will detail the journey of a java app from direct cloud deployment to singular containers and later templetization using Helm.

Nowadays many projects are packaging their releases in Docker images and regard this step as the ultimate runtime state. However, the journey of the the packaged application continues on connecting it with peer containers or services. In my talk, I will provide a step-by-step demonstration of how a Java application can go from direct cloud deployment (or even on premise deployment) to Kubernetes cluster deployment, using Helm Charts as templates for a interconnected containerized application. Personal observations and best practices will conclude the experiment.


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