JPA Essentials Workshop – Fundamental Concepts and Common Pitfalls

JPA Essentials Workshop – Fundamental Concepts and Common Pitfalls

Victor Rentea

Victor Rentea is a Clean Code Evanghelist. Lead Architect at IBM. Independent Trainer/Coach ( Spoke at 12 international conferences last year (including big ones like Devoxx and JPoint). Trained for the last 5 years, programmed for the last 12. Charismatic guy, funny and enthusiastic.

Do you truly, deeply understand JPA? Let’s code together through several revealing exercises and make sure you master the most difficult concepts of the Best Java EE Standard.

During this synthesis of my JPA training, we’ll cover together the concepts that over the past decade of my experience I saw that are the most difficult to grasp. Aside from allowing you to write elegant code, mastering them will allow you to avoid common pitfalls and performance problems while using JPA. Your own hands will solve exercises practicing lazy load, relation owner side, detached entities, merge, auto-flush, cascading and orphan removal, JPQL syntax limitation workarounds, and more..

PS: prior contact with JPA is recommended.


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