Workshop – Intermediate – OpenShift/Kubernetes workshop for Java developers

Workshop – OpenShift/Kubernetes workshop for Java developers

Level: Intermediate

peter palaga

Peter Palaga is senior sustaining engineer for JBoss Fuse at Red Hat. Earlier, he worked on JBoss EAP, Hawkular and other Red Hat Middleware projects. Maintenance of complex dependency hierarchies and CI/CD pipelines belong to his daily duties.




Marek Jelen

Marek currently works as a Developer Advocate at Red Hat, where his task is to introduce Containers, Kubernetes, OpenShift and other cool technologies to engineers, architects, etc. Before joining Red Hat Marek worked as a Ruby, PHP and Java engineer and consultant. He is one of the founders of the Brno Ruby User Group (BRUG) and is a long-time advocate of FOSS.

OpenShift is a distribution of Kubernetes focused on continuous and multi-tenant application development. Come and learn how to deploy a Java application to Kubernetes, how to connect it to a database, how to scale it up and down and how deployments can be triggered by commits in a git repository


  • ┬áIntroduction to OpenShift/Kubernetes
  • Start an OpenShift cluster using minishift
  • Deploy a Java application
  • Deploy a database and wire it with the application
  • Scale up/down
  • Deployments triggered by commits in a git repository

The workshop has a few pre-requisites:

  • Participants need to access the internet during the workshop to download a couple of hundreds of MB of Docker images
  • Ideally, participants come with the following software installed on their laptops:
    • Hypervisor:
      • KVM or VirtualBox on Linux
      • Hyper-V or VirtualBox on Windows
      • xhyve or VirtualBox on macOS)
    • `oc`, the OpenShift client tool: download openshift-origin-client-tools suitable for your platform and add the `oc` executable to `PATH`
    • Minishift – see Installing Minishift


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