Get Immersed into a Holographic World with HoloLens

Get Immersed into a Holographic World with HoloLens

Rafał works as a software engineer for Solidbrain. Being in the industry since 2007 he develops his passion to software during every possible moment. He believes that being pragmatic in our field is very helpful and proves that by switching technologies he uses whenever there is a need or an opportunity to learn new concepts. Started with .NET back-end solutions, he quickly became a web guy and then he got his head around different kind of mobile technologies.

As his passion evolved, he got obsessed with knowledge sharing and community activities. That resulted in co-founding a conference and a series of other actions like giving talks or conducting workshops.

Holograms are no longer a sound of the distant future that we usually see in movies like Star Wars. They are already here! Microsoft has made them available with HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality. Provided development tools give developers superpowers to transform our world with holograms. Let’s take a look at the platform and get to know its capabilities and limitations. Learn how to connect our digital and real lives seamlessly. High chances are that holographic ideas will start popping up in your heads immediately!


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