How can we build the Asynchronous Web

How can we build the Asynchronous Web

Anton Caceres – Code poet, entrepreneur, organizer. Always happy to share and learn.

Asynchronous execution models have been around for a while, however, although frontend code runs mostly async, the vast majority of the backend applications still use blocking code and IO.

Hence, how practical is the asynchronous paradigm for backend development right now? This talk describes caveats and experiences of building and running general web-projects with async tools. It includes a brief demo of solutions for top platforms (Python, Scala, JS), focusing on code styles, practical efficiency, and scalability. We will discuss advantages of the traditional blocking code, take a basic request handler as an example and turn it asynchronous, maximally using syntax sugar available for presented platforms. As a result, everyone gets a personal opinion about async paradigm on the backend and tools available to accomplish it.


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