Twelve-factor cloud app in action

Twelve-factor cloud app in action

Ana-Maria Mihălceanu is a custom application development enthusiast, Trailhead Ranger and a constant adopter of challenging development scenarios; some of her experiments are available on Dzone. In 2016, her technical passion for cloud application development has been badged with IBM Certified Application Developer – Cloud Platform v1; and she would like to share with the audience her experience and experiments.

Her other passions? The usual knowledge hunt through reading and growing fashion skills through shopping.

Why should you do something different when your application is destined to be a SaaS or to exist within a PaaS?
Because this kind of application represents a solution composed of individually cooperating services that need coordination (usually achieved through DevOps Pipeline).
The 12-factor app methodology represents a best practice when comes to cloud application development and this presentation will detail and demonstrate each principle. You will see how you can easilly make a Java or NodeJs web application to be cloud-ready by following each of the 12 principles.


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