DROP DATABASE – galactic story

DROP DATABASE – galactic story

Jarek Ratajski

Jarek Ratajski is a Java Developer since 1999. I love programming since my first line of code I did on the C64 in Basic. I have 15 Years experience developing JEE software working for various companies and projects. Currently I am working for Engenius GmbH. I am Java developer during the days and Scala/ScalaJS at nights. I like to present my experience in public – so far speaked at conferences such as Devoxx, Voxxed Days, JUGs, Geecon, JdayLviv etc. I like to do shows – presenting the things just as they work – with live coding, demos and hacking.

So You thought databases might be useful? I will show You why this is ridiculous idea that shoud have died about ten years ago. Database is just the thing that kill performance of you system (100 times), destroys design, pollutes code, makes tests very slow and ruines all joy of programming in Java that you can have. Besides it causes a great loss of information! Really, if you care about your data you should never make a mistake and put them into tables, JSONs or whatever. You can do it better. During the presentations you will see how to code systems NORMALLY and compare it to weird things such as Hibernate or JPA. You will learn that the natural place for your data is RAM/Heap !!! 🙂 Because memory is persistent 🙂 you will see. All this from a guy who was writing JEE systems with SQL (and not only) for the last 15 years. This guy says ENOUGH of this useless stuff. And we will be talking about facts. Code is HERE


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