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Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back-end

Dmitry Alexandrov is a passionate Java developer with 10+ years experience, BGJUG co-lead, big fan of Java EE, blogger, speaker. Speaker at: – Lambdas and default methods in Java 8, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013, slides: on site; – JavaScript on JVM: Acquaintance with Nashorn and Avatar.js, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014, slides: on site; – Java(Script) on JVM, Joker Conference St. Petersburg, Russia, 2015, slides:; – Seminars, Hackathons, Adopt OpenJDK, Big Conference: The Story of Our JUG [BOF3150], JavaOne, San Francisco, USA, 2015 – Nashorn extended session,, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016; – JBatch.. or not such a big data, Joker Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016, slides: Leaded several lectures and hand-ons regarding JDK development and Lambdas in the local JUG.

Q. You’re speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest in March. Tell us a bit about your session.

My session is called “Think Async in Java 8”. As the Java 8 was released the main innovation in it that grabbed the most of the attention were the lambdas, streams and default methods. But there was another thing that somehow passed by almost silently – the CompletableFuture. It’s just one class but in many cases it can be a total game changer.

Q. Why is the subject matter important?

In modern hardware the most of the utilization can be achieved with an extensive use of parallel algorithms. But parallel programming is hard and often a non-trivial task. With the CompletableFuture there is a real possibility to achieve a better use of the hardware resources in a really simpler and less error prone way.

Q. Who should attend your session?

I believe this session may be interesting for all of the java developers. Especially for the API designers.

Q. What are the key things attendees will take away from your session?

I have tried to make this session not as just a technology tutorial but also to provoke a little bit different way of thinking. From my experience I see that the designs with this approach are really more robust and flexible. So I hope it would be useful!

Q. Aside from speaking at Voxxed Days Bucharest, what else are you excited about for 2017?

The year has just begun and in our local community – the Bulgarian Java User Group – we have already started with some great workshops and meetups. The plans for this year are huge: even more meetups, master classes, big local conference and many many more!

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