Day: February 27, 2017

Michael Hüttermann – Speaker interview

Michael Hüttermann is system architect and delivery engineer and a leading subject matter expert for Continuous Delivery, DevOps and SCM/ALM. He has written a couple of books including the first ones on DevOps (“DevOps for Developers”, Apress, 2012) and Agile ALM (“Agile ALM”, Manning, 2011). He was recognized to be a Oracle Java Champion in…

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Konstantin Gregor – Speaker interview

I am Konstantin Gregor, a developer and software consultant with a background in mathematics and machine learning. Since two years, I work for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich, Germany, where I help our clients develop big data applications with a main focus on real time streaming applications and I always enjoy sharing my knowledge of…

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Dmitry Alexandrov – Speaker interview

Dmitry Alexandrov is a passionate Java developer with 10+ years experience, BGJUG co-lead, big fan of Java EE, blogger, speaker. Speaker at: – Lambdas and default methods in Java 8, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013, slides: on site; – JavaScript on JVM: Acquaintance with Nashorn and Avatar.js, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014, slides: on site; – Java(Script)…

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Márton Kodok – Speaker interview

Márton  is a romanian Google Developer Expert (GDE) senior software architect at REEA/Tîrgu Mures who led the implementation of complex and distributed systems serving millions of users for companies like LogoMix, WaterSmart, Ausschreibungsdienste and many more. Among the top romanian StackOverflow users with over 103k reputation points. Active contributor for open-source solutions like Beanstalkd admin…

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