Angular 2 with TypeScript

Angular 2 with TypeScript

Andrei Antal

Andrei Antal is a Frontend Engineer with extensive experience in frontend technologies. He delivered both large and small projects using various frontend technologies such as Angular 1, Cordova, Ionic, Webkit, React, Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Curious what the new version of Angular brings? Then this workshop might be for you! You’ll dive in the core concepts of Angular 2 and the new modern approach to build component based user interfaces. The Angular 2 framework is one of the best choices for building next generation web applications both small and large at scale.

After brief comparison with its predecessor (Angular 1) we will look into some standard technologies used by Angular like TypeScript and RxJS and start off with some simple examples which use Angular 2 to achieve simple user interface tasks. You will work on exercises where we will touch most of Angular’s concepts and in the end you’ll have an overview of Angular 2 and know how it basically works. We hope you find this short introduction useful and adopt a new way of thinking about user interfaces while working with a component based approach.

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