Machine learning by example

Machine learning by example

Through his career, Michał Matłoka worked with C, Java, forgotten lands of Java EE, Spring, Scala and Big data. He committed a crime of writing a Java EE book, which may hunt him for the rest of his life. He is an open source contributor and a winner of the JBoss Community Recognition Award in 2013 for his contributions to ShrinkWrap. He is currently one of the 40 CEOs at SoftwareMill, a fully distributed company with no main office and a completely flat organization structure. He presented on GeeCON, Devoxx Poland, Confitura and other events. Additional info: I have spoken at: * GeeCON 2015 * Devoxx Poland 2015 * Confitura 2015 * JDD 2016 * Codemotion Warsaw 2016 * 2x Poznań JUGtoberfest * GeeCON Prague 2016.

Are the machines learning on their own? Wait, is Skynet already here? During this session we will tackle an easy Machine Learning problem, show how can it be processed on Spark including data cleaning, normalization and a learning process. Live coding session, but only if the machines don’t rise against us.

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