Modern SQL

Modern SQL

Markus Winard

Markus Winand teaches efficient SQL. He covers both aspects: the development time to accomplish a task using SQL as well as the runtime of the final solution. He also published the book “SQL Performance Explained“ and is currently working on his next book, which is being published on an ongoing basis at

A lot has changed since SQL-92. This session goes through some SQL features introduced by later standards, shows which databases support them and demos how these features solve every day problems more easily. Topics covered include: processing graphs, more powerful aggregations, ranking and more.
As a matter of fact, most textbooks, websites, and even universities teach SQL as it was 25 years ago (SQL-92). In the meantime, SQL evolved into a more modern data processing language that is not limited to relational algebra anymore. Although many databases support more modern SQL for years, hardly any developer knows how the new features can be used to solve common problems. This session is, therefore, not limited to explaining SQL features but also compares the SQL-92 solution to common problems to the more modern solution to make the benefit directly visible. Finally, the session also shows how long these features are supported by various databases so that you immediately know whether the shown solution works in your environment or not.

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