ThinkAsync in Java 8

ThinkAsync in Java 8

Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back-end

Dmitry Alexandrov is a passionate Java developer with 10+ years experience, BGJUG co-lead, big fan of Java EE, blogger, speaker. Speaker at: – Lambdas and default methods in Java 8, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013, slides: on site; – JavaScript on JVM: Acquaintance with Nashorn and Avatar.js, Java2Days Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014, slides: on site; – Java(Script) on JVM, Joker Conference St. Petersburg, Russia, 2015, slides:; – Seminars, Hackathons, Adopt OpenJDK, Big Conference: The Story of Our JUG [BOF3150], JavaOne, San Francisco, USA, 2015 – Nashorn extended session,, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016; – JBatch.. or not such a big data, Joker Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016, slides: Leaded several lectures and hand-ons regarding JDK development and Lambdas in the local JUG.

The parallel infrastructure of Java and JVM itself has evolved greatly in 21 years. It has made it though raw threads, execution pools, concurrency package extensions, as well as other frameworks like actors that found spread in different JVM languages like Scala for example. But developing a parallel/concurrent program is not a trivial task and not only in Java. In order to simplify the approach to concurrent programming and unlock the multicore performance the reactive paradigm was introduced adopting the functional programming style. The CompletableFuture coming out of the box in Java8 opens the full potential of this approach. In the session we will see a brief evolution of the concurrency in java and describe how we got to CompletableFuture, explore it, and see how we could use it.

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