Pain of growing up, and moving to large scale

Pain of growing up, and moving to large scale

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Vladimir Dejanovic is the founder and leader of AmsterdamJUG. Software architect and Team Lead with long experience in developing high performance software in multiple programming languages and technologies with high load traffic. Always interested in cool new stuff, Free and Open Source software Speaker at JavaOne, Devoxx BE and Devoxx US

Although software is deployed for a long time now, not everyone is exposed to it. In big companies developers usually were not involved, while in small companies in most cases scale wasn’t big, so deploying also wasn’t thought so much as a big of a deal. With move to DevOps and having successful “startups” landscape is changing a lot, however a lot of companies and engineers are still struggling with deploying software, especially on a large scale were rules of the game are on completely different level. In case of transition from small to big successful company deployment process can easily be one of the key factors deciding if company will make it or not. Although tools like Kubernetis and similar are designed to solve lot of this problem,in most cases from my experience companies are still not using them in amount they should, and are still relying on “old” techniques for deploying software into production. Also very often articles and blog posts usually point out only good part…

You built your product, put it on server, and it flew like a rocket. Now you need to move to larger scale, but how ? How to go from here ? Deploying software isn’t always the first thing on developers mind, while they work on some software. However as you start moving to larger scale your deployment process can make you or break you. It comes with pain and cruel truth of how good your deployment process really is. Join me while I address pain, issue and problems of deploying software on Large Scale. I will talk about some known approaches and their pro’s and con’s. Also I will share some tips and tricks into making deploying software on large scale easier. All of this come from my personal experience while working on this type of systems.

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