Apache Sling as a microservices gateway


Working as a Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, Robert Munteanu is a software developer with a passion for Open Source. He is a frequent contributor to Open Source projects, such as Apache Sling, MantisBT and the Eclipse Plugin for ReviewBoard.

Microservices are definitely the hot topic du jour . Everyone ( and their dog ) is using microservices or migrating towards them. However, there is a gap between the enthusiam for microservices and the tooling to make them a productive part of the large-scale deployment. Apache Sling is an innovative web framework built on top of the Java Content Repository (JCR), that uses OSGi for its component model and fosters RESTful application design. And, as we will see, it is also perfect match for a microservices gateway. In this talk we will review an ill-fated monotlithic application and extract it into several microservices, maintaining a coherent view of the resulting application through Apache Sling. We will touch upon authentication, authorization, API standardisation and logging, while also gaining a basic understanding of Apache Sling.

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