From Bytecode to Native Code in HotSpot JVM

From Bytecode to Native Code in HotSpot JVM

Ionut Balosin

Ionuț Baloșin is a Senior Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience in a wide variety of business applications.
Particularly interested in Software Architecture and Java Performance and Tuning.

During this session we will explore the process of bytecode interpretation and compilation inside HotSpot JVM. The attendees will understand how Java Virtual Machine internally works in regards to Interpreter and Just-In-Time compiler, as well as few optimizations achieved to gain better performance. Some of the shared topics are useful for programmers passionate about doing performance and understanding how to write micro-benchmark tests. The presentation contains a demonstration that figures out optimizations occurred during Just-In-Time compilation process. A tool for visualizing the generated assembly code will be used.

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