Continuous Delivery at Docker age

Continuous Delivery at Docker age


Adrien is a former consultant from Octo Technology, a french IT consulting firm. He joined Societe Generale as a DevOps coach and Infrastructure as Code product owner, driving the developers new needs toward infrastructure and helping them to leverage on those new principles and tools. Fond of Docker, he’s also co-organizer of the Paris Docker Meetup.

Reduced time-to-market, calmer deployments or possible source of savings … Promises of continued deployment are numerous.

To achieve this, the IT department can rely on a wide range of practices such as Agile, collaboration and automation preached by the DevOps culture, or modern architecture patterns such as micro-services. All of this is also backed by an entire ecosystem of appropriate tools, among which we find particularly Docker.

In this session, I propose to explore a fully automated continuous deployment process, leveraging on Docker containers. I’ll also present some recommendations for for the application architecture, and discuss roles and responsibilities shifts, which often accompanies such an approach.

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