Modular Infrastructure for IoT Applications

Modular Infrastructure for IoT Applications

Michal - Modular Infrastructure for IOT Applications

Michal joined IBM in 2013 as a Java Senior Developer, after earning over 5 years of experience in Java development, working across multiple technologies for companies with projects dedicated to transportation and entertainment industry. Currently he is working on Home Automation project for internationally leading provider of integral lighting solutions in Austria. He is a passionate engineer with a wide range of interests from electric circuits and microcontrollers to Internet of Things and cloud solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword which has had everyone talking over the last couple of years. My presentation will demonstrate how to build a simply extensible and widely configurable gateway allowing protocols translation (HTTP with Apache Http Components, Serial and I2C with Pi4J and libbulldog). Compared with other existing products on the market, the proposed solution brings great performance even on multicore ARM processors using Fork/Join Framework, but also a simple manner to write and manage your own extensions via RESTfull API (by integrating Jetty-Jersey-Genson). The iGate [IotaGate] resource is not just one-purpose tool, but a reusable solution to integrate M2M and SCADA offerings with web portals or other tools such as IBM Bluemix, IBM Intelligent Operation for Transportation or custom complex solutions based on IoT data acquiring and control.

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