Reactive Java Robotics and IoT

Reactive Java Robotics and IoT

trayan - Reactive Java Robotics and IoT

Trayan is founder and CTO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies – IT consultancy and training company specialized in Java, web and mobile development. He is Oracle (SCJP6) & OMG certified software developer, project manager, and trainer with 14+ years experience. Clients include big international (VMware, Software AG) and top Bulgarian software, insurance and telecom companies. Trayan is frequent speaker at Bulgarian Oracle User Group conferences (9 talks) on diverse topics ranging from novelties in Java EE 7/8, portlets and REST HATEOAS to robotics and IoT. He is organizer of monthly Java robotics and IoT hackathons in Sofia. Trayan had talks at BGJUG conferences – latest about end-to-end high performance reactive programming using Reactor, RxJava, RxJS, and Angular 2. Recently he presented Java and FIWARE based IoT project “BioStream – Precision Agriculture for All” at EU ICT 2015 conference in Lisbon.

This presentation will introduce Java Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) as a novel way for implementing hot event streams processing directly on connected/embedded/robot devices using Spring Reactor and RxJava. It will be accompanied by live demo of custom developed Java robot called IPTPI (using Raspberry Pi 2 – ARM v7, quad core, 1GB RAM), running hot event streams processing and connected with a mobile client for monitoring and control. More information about robots developed for IPT and RoboLearn hackathons is available at

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