a great journey towards autonomy! a great journey towards autonomy!


Mihaela joined in 2012 after working as an IT consultant at Capgemini The Netherlands for about 5 years. Gave up the freedom of consultancy for the agility, passion and drive of Started as a software engineer within the company, and picked up also the Scrum Master role along the way. Enjoyed greatly leading and transforming the team into an early adopter of DevOps. Passionate about change and a firm believer in continuous improvement.


Menno started at in 2010 as an IT Programme Manager and managed the replacement of‘s product catalogue system to a new SOA based architecture. Appointed Head of the IT Development Department in 2011, responsible for all software and application development within Strong believer that everything can and should always be improved and initiated the DevOps transformation programme at As of March 2015 IT Director for the newly formed IT Retail Platform (DevOps) department which is crucial to grow further in becoming (also) the best place to sell.

The ecommerce market is extremely dynamic and changes continuously. is the leading Dutch ecommerce organisation, similar to what eMAG represents for the Romanian retail market. We are working hard on making all our 5.9 million customers happy by offering them over 9.8 million products 24/7. We are always innovating because we want to offer our customers the best shop there is and will ever be. has been growing very fast and experienced all pains related to rapid growth: more people, a larger and more complex IT landscape, shared code bases, increasing number of dependencies and bottlenecks. The most pressing pain was the dependency between software development teams. To overcome this we had to make significant changes in how we design, develop, deploy and run all our applications and we implemented our own vision on DevOps during 2015. This has been a challenging and interesting journey to team autonomy and is in full swing right now. We had to adopt the way we work, how we organize ourselves and we needed to invest in technologies (like Continuous Delivery and Automated Testing) to make the change possible. The transformation touched upon the entire organisation: software engineers, system engineers and the business alike. We would like to share with you our story: how we initiated the journey, how we progressed and what we have learned. We will approach it from two angles: a manager’s view and a software development team’s perspective.

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