Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains

Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains

237f560 Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains

Johan is working as a Java architect and competence center Java lead at Info Support. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering quality software was very important. Currently he is working in a DevOps team in a big financial institution in The Netherlands as Java architect. He likes sharing his knowledge about Java, continuous delivery, DevOps, software quality and numerous other subjects. Johan regularly writes articles and gives presentations about those subject for instance at JavaOne, JavaLand, JBCNConf, JavaCro, ConFESS and J-Fall.

Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains

Jim is working as a Java consultant at Info Support. He is currently working at the Dutch railway company where they are building the future of railway control. Jim likes learning new things as much as applying and sharing his current knowledge

Last year we started a new Internet of Things project: The Internet of (Lego) Trains. In our normal jobs we use languages like Java and Scala to build applications for large organizations. We wanted to find out if we could use the same languages and tools on IoT hardware. We also wanted to investigate whether or not (remote) actors could replace REST endpoints in our applications. Next to that it was also a good excuse to play with Lego. The Lego trains are equipped with a Raspberry Pi, camera, wireless dongle, infrared transmitter, speaker, RFID reader and battery pack. Next to that we have automated switch tracks and camera’s again with the help of Raspberry Pi’s. We also build some lightning effects with LEDs controlled by Particle Photon’s. On top of that we also automated a Lego ferris wheel. To control the trains and other parts we built an remote actor based application with Scala, Akka, Akka HTTP and AngularJS. In this session we will talk about our experiences and challenges and of course we will give a live demo!

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