React to ScalaJS

React to ScalaJS

maciek React to ScalaJS

Maciek Próchniak is an algebraic topologist, having developed for over 9 years on JVM professionally and for pleasure. This includes various subjects varying from architecture to operations, and from integration to web development. Recently trying hard to code more functionally, preferably in Scala. Likes to speak at conferences from Bergen to Cairo on wide range of topics – from the Scala type system to NoSQL databases. For 6 years happy @ TouK, and even more happy husband and father.

The presentation will be introduction to Scala-JS. We’ll see (through live coding demo) how (and if) it can be used to create modern web applications. Interactions with web frameworks will be shown using the React framework – we’ll also see if it’s possible to develop Relay-style applications. The focus of the talk is to give flavor of developing with Scala for frontend and to try to answer questions – is it production ready, is it worth a try?

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