Full Stack Application development using JavaScript

Full Stack Application development using JavaScript

tamas Full Stack Application development using JavaScript

Tamas is a full stack web developer turned senior technical trainer. Tamas has a decade of experience working with large, prestigious multinational IT / telecommunications and media organisations such as Verizon, Panasonic, BBC and Accenture. Throughout his career Tamas has delivered training classes all over the world to both technical and non-technical audiences.

The workshop will allow attendees to have hands on experience with developing and architecting a Single Page Application using JavaScript only. The application will have a fronted component written in AngularJS, a middleware using Node.js and Express and finally a backend using MarkLogic, a NoSQL database. With built-in support for JSON, geospatial data, relevancy ranked search and ACID compliancy (forget eventual consistency!) it is truly a great addition to a stack where JavaScript is used throughout the frontend and the backend.

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